Nuno Alexandre

About me.

My name is Nuno, I'm a software engineer with almost 3 years of experience. Along this years i have made many web applications with Laravel, Vue, React, and many others technologies, also maintained old applications with legacy code.
Writing applications is something that inspires me and for sure is something i want to do until the end of my days.

Current job: Software Engineer at xgeeks developing web applications using modern frameworks like Vue and React.


Latests Posts

Svelte is Great, how i build forms on it

May 12, 2019
Today i will explain a bit what svelte really is and how i'm using it to create reusable forms.

Node_modules folder inside a docker container is a nightmare

May 07, 2019
Today i tried to make a gatsby project runs inside of a container, i will share with you the problem i had with the node_modules folder

My first fully remote experience

May 04, 2019
Covid-19 changed the lives of almost everyone around the world, for me changed my work routine